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Reference Design LogoDigital Up Converters (DUC) and Digital Down Converters (DDC) are widely used in communication systems for scaling the sample rate of signals. Digital up conversion is required when a signal is translated from baseband to intermediate frequency (IF) band. Digital down conversion happens when a signal is converted from intermediate frequency band to baseband. DUCs and DDCs typically include frequency shifting using mixers, in addition to sampling rate conversion. The structure of a DUC or DDC depends mainly on the conversion ratio that is required. For example, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) systems have a conversion ratio typically in the order of 8 to 10. For such low conversion rates, the DUC or the DDC is constructed using FIR filters only. If the required conversion ratio is much higher, a cascaded integrator-comb (CIC) filter is used in the DDC/DUC structure.

Lattice's Multi-Channel (MC) DUC/DDC reference design is broadly applicable to various 4G standards such as LTE and Wimax. This reference design was specifically tested for a WiMAX configuration.

WiMAX Reference Design

The Multi-Channel DUC/DDC reference design addresses the 10 MHz bandwidth channels for Wireless-MAN or Wireless-HUMAN PHY for WiMAX systems. An IF sampling frequency of 89.6 MHz is used for this reference design. The MC DDC/DUC is designed to support 4 complex channels (i.e., each channel having an I and a Q component). The MC DUC and MC DDC reference design packages include pre-configured Lattice ispLeverCore Intellectual Property Cores (IPs) for the FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters, DA-FIR (Distributed Arithmetic Finite Impulse Response) filters and the NCO (Numerically Controlled Oscillator).

The multi-channel reference designs use three ispLeverCORE IP Cores - the Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter, the Distributed Arithmetic FIR, and the Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO). See additional license requirements below for details.

Additional License Requirements

IP Core Multi-Channel DDC/DUC
Distributed Arithmetic FIR (DA-FIR) Filter Yes
Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter Yes
Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) Yes

NOTE: The DA-FIR, FIR and NCO IP cores must first be installed using IPexpress to implement these reference designs, but no manual configuration is necessary. The DDC and DUC reference designs will configure the IP cores as needed.

The IP cores provide a free FPGA evaluation period which also applies to the reference design. Please see the User Guide for more details about the use of these cores in this reference design.

For licenses and support, please contact your local Lattice sales office.


  • Compliant with the WiMAX transmit spectral mask
  • Four complex (I and Q channels) DDC/DUC for sampling frequency of 89.6 MHz
  • 18-bits data and coefficient widths, with pre-determined coefficient values
  • Includes evaluation test bench and scripts for simulation and implementation
  • Includes scripts to create IPs and simulation libraries
  • Self-checking test bench with programs to generate golden output
  • Verilog source code is provided to enable customization of the design

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Block Diagram

Performance and Size

Configuration Resource Utilization fMAX (MHz)
Slices LUTs Registers 18x18 MULTs sysMEM EBRs
MC DUC 8596 14966 16655 32 91 206.5
MC DDC 9750 18040 17964 32 91 206.9

1. Performance and utilization characteristics are generated targeting LFE2M-50E-7F484C using Lattice's ispLEVER® v.7.2 software. When using this IP core in a different density, speed, or grade within the LatticeECP2M family or in a different software version, performance may vary.


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