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How to use SPI pins and CDONE pin for general purpose I/O (GPIO) in CrossLink? 5224 CrossLink faq
While using SPI programming in LINUX. Does user need to toggle the SPI CS line explicitly? 5191 CrossLink faq Device Programming Embedded Programming
I am getting some dummy devices detected on my JTAG chain while I have a different... 5186 All FPGA faq
How to swap the P/N pairs in the Hardened D-PHY bank of CrossLink? 5168 CrossLink faq Implementation IO Assistant
Does iCEcube2 run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) WS 6? 5130 iCE40 Ultra faq Other
How to avoid error "ERROR - Error in pmi elaboration : pmi_ram_dp_0Done: error code 2"... 5124 MachXO2 faq Debugging Reveal
Does the maximum IO buffer speed (frequency) depends on the speed grade of  FPGA? 5123 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture IO
Which I2C address can be accessed in erased MACHXO3 device (7-bit or 10-bit) ? 5120 MACHXO3 faq
When RTL code is changed or configuration bits are changed,why does the CRC of... 5104 LatticeECP3 faq Device Programming Configuration/Programming
Can I use processor to configure the external SPI boot flash that has the same chip... 5101 CrossLink faq Customer Board Design Schematic
Is there a way to simulate the ECP3 configuration from external Flash? 5099 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture Configuration/Programming
Is CrossLink compatible with 2B cable for programming and configuration if the... 5076 CrossLink faq Device Programming Cables
What maximum bandwidth can the DDR3 PHY IP provide? 5050 LatticeECP3 faq Lattice IP/Reference Design DDR3 PHY
How can the iCE40 devices be programmed using a microcontroller ? 5043 iCE40 faq Device Programming Configuration/Programming
How to remove "ERROR - map: To support I2C port use, the EFB must be instantiated and... 5036 MachXO2 faq Implementation IPExpress
What are the advantages of choosing CrossLink over MachXO2 or MachXO3 chips for MIPI... 5025 CrossLink faq
Programming Considerations for SSPIEM and I2CEMmodification with Aardvark SPI/I2C API's - 4988 All Devices faq Device Programming Embedded Programming
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