LED Control

Enable ordinary LEDs to transmit barcode data – The Barcode Emulation reference design allows an ordinary LED to transmit barcode data. The LED is driven such that it transmits pulses that can be read by a checkout scanner.

Simplify the addition of remote control capability – Lattice Infrared (IR) reference designs simplify and speed the addition of remote control capabilities to mobile devices and consumer electronics products.

Complete control of RGB LEDs – control the color, blink rate, brightness and breathing (turn on/turn off speed). Using an SPI interface and software GUI, users can control all four RGB LED control functions from a MAC or Windows PC via a USB cable.

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  • Low-cost, rapid customization – Offers a low-cost route to adding a fully controlled LED into any type of design, the Lattice RGB reference design allows rapid customization of LED operation for a given application.


  • Hardware evaluation board options – The RGB LED reference design can be evaluated and tested on the iCE40LP1K Evaluation Kit. or the iCE40 Ultra Breakout Board.

IR Remote with Self Learning

  • In-built hardware interfacing – The reference designs perform all the necessary hardware interfacing for IR receive and/or IR transmit. This includes PWM (pulse width modulation) timing and protocol conversion to an SPI /I2C bus for connection with an applications processor.
  • Customizable to meet application needs – Each reference design can be used as is or can be customized to meet specific application requirements. Current reference designs incorporate Sony IR codes, Philips IR codes and a self-learning IR remote reference design.

Barcode Emulation

  • Applications processor connectivity – The barcode reference emulator is designed to connect to an applications processor and offload these functions commonly found in smart phones and other mobile products via I2C or SPI.
  • Low power design that maximizes battery life – The design is based on the iCE40 device families, which have been designed from the ground up for low power, maximizing battery life and minimizing power consumption

Design Resources for LED Control Solutions

Programmable Logic Reference Designs
  Provider iCE40 LP/HX/LM iCE40 Ultra / UltraLite iCE40 UltraPlus
Barcode Emulation Lattice  
Infrared Remote Tx/Rx Reference Designs Lattice
IrDA Fast Receiver Lattice    
IrDA Fast Transmitter Lattice    
RGB LED Reference Design Lattice


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