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From cloud computing to 5G connectivity, Lattice provides a full portfolio of solutions that meet logic and connectivity needs of tomorrow’s telecommunications and datacenter markets.

Control Logic, Security and Power Management – Simplify integration of power and reset management, hardware root-of-trust security, board level glue logic, with Non-volatile CPLD/FPGA and mixed-signal power and thermal management products.

Flexible Protocol Bridging, DSP Processing - Expand data path ASICs and ASSPs with multiple communication options for a simplified design. Improve real-time performance by offloading DSP and intensive algorithms into hardware using industry leading low density FPGAs.

Optimized IP Portfolio and Ready-to-Use System Level Reference Designs – Differentiate your products by leveraging our connectivity and data path IPs designed for low cost and low power consumption. Accelerate your time-to-market with verified, off-the-shelf system level reference designs developed with leading ASSP vendors.

Enable Network Expansion with mmWave Links – Quickly deploy base stations, RRH, and other edge interface devices, while reducing CAPEX. Reduce OPEX by eliminating need-to-retune on-site visits and lower power systems using our 60 GHz products built with SiBEAM™ beamforming technology.

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