High-Performance FPGAs today, for tomorrow’s communication network needs

The family has been discontinued. The collateral below is for reference and legacy support only. For more information please see the related Product Change Notifications:

Because performance matters – Offering best-in-class solutions for standards like Ethernet, PCI Express, SPI4.2 and high speed memory controllers, LatticeSC/M is equipped with embedded memory, hierarchical clocking and clock management resources for high-end system designs.

For when fast isn’t fast enough – Integrated SERDES with embedded advanced PCS, PURESPEED technology to support 2 Gbps parallel IOs, and embedded ASIC blocks provide the highest performing FPGA imaginable.

Lower power – With a 1 V Vcc option that reduces fabric power consumption by 44% and SERDES channels that use just 105mW per channel, power consumption is kept to a minimum.


  • 15 k to 115 k LUT4s
  • 139 to 942 IOs
  • 700 MHz global clock, 1 GHz edge clocks
  • 4 to 32 SERDES blocks per device at 600 Mbps to 3.8 Gbps
  • 1 to 7.8 Mbits Embedded Block RAM at 500 MHz
  • Eight PLLs per device running at up to 1GHz and 12 DLLs per device running at up to 700 MHz

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Family Table

LatticeSC/M Device Selection Guide

Parameters LFSC40 LFSC80 LFSC115
Logic Resources – LUTs (K) 40.4 80.1 115.2
sysMEM EBR RAM Blocks (18Kb / Block) 216 308 424
Embedded Memory (Mbits) 3.98 5.68 7.80
Max. Distributed Memory (Mbits) 0.65 1.28 1.84
Max. # of SERDES Channels (3.8Gbps) 16 32 32
DLLs 12 12 12
PLLs 8 8 8
MACO Blocks (LatticeSCM only) 10 10 12
Packages (I/O + Dedicated Inputs)
256-ball fpBGA (17 x 17 mm)      
900-ball fpBGA (31 x 31 mm)      
1020-ball fcBGA (33 x 33 mm) 562 / 16    
1152-ball fcBGA (35 x 35 mm) 604 / 16 660 / 16 660 / 16
1704-ball fcBGA (42.5 x 42.5 mm)   904 / 32 942 / 32

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