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Solving Embedded Challenges

Solving the Embedded Challenge of Too Many Signals and Interfaces

Posted 11/07/2017 by Joel Coplen

Building designs around state of the art microcontrollers and embedded processors brings along a specific challenge: not enough I/Os and interfaces. Today’s embedded systems have more real-time data and control requirements than ever.

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CES - 2017 trends

CES 2017 Trends

Posted 01/17/2017 by Elena Champion

Celebrating its 50th birthday, CES 2017 did not disappoint. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Las Vegas to get a first look at the latest technology for the upcoming year. During the 4 days, the biggest names in consumer electronics and startups alike wowed us with products and technologies that promise to make our lives easier and more efficient. Here are some of the trends we saw at the event and how we can support them.

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Simplify board design and debug with Control PLDs

Simplify board design and debug with Control PLDs

Posted 05/10/2016 by Shyam Chandra

Today’s designers face a major challenge: How do I pack more functionality into a board, and do it faster and cheaper? The go-to approach to solving this problem is to implement data path or payload functions using highly integrated ASICs and SoCs. However, the design is not complete by simply connecting all the large devices together.

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