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Designing a Wearable Body Camera with a Wireless Connector

Posted 02/20/2018 by Ehren Achee, CTO at SecuraShot Technologies

We knew what we wanted, but didn’t know how to get to a solution. We wanted to offer police officers a fully connector-less, robust body camera that could be worn throughout an entire work shift and still operate. The issue was that the camera would be capturing a lot of data throughout the day, so getting this information out without a mechanical connector had us scratching our heads. That is, until we learned about Lattice’s Snap short range wireless link technology.

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CES 2018

CES 2018: Enter the Era of Intelligent Edge Devices

Posted 01/23/2018 by Elena Champion

Were you impressed by the products and technologies showcased at CES 2018? This year’s event promised to “WHOA” attendees with new gadgets from industry giants and startups alike. From the slightly odd to the “where have you been all of my life” devices, this year’s CES focused on infusing intelligence into as many aspects of our lives as possible.

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Smart Wireless Broadband Technology for Smart Cities

Smart Wireless Broadband Technology for Smart Cities

Posted 12/05/2017 by Neil Bullock

The next generation of wireless communications equipment will need to be able to integrate with traffic lights, street lights and bus stops. It must become smaller, lighter, low-power. It must also become more modular to accommodate a wide range of services, from 5G to metro Wi-Fi to NB-IO, and make it easier to integrate and deploy in new systems.

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Change is in the Air – 60 GHz Infrastructure is Boosted by Regulatory Reform

Posted 09/26/2017 by Neil Bullock

The 60 GHz band is ideal for infrastructure applications in urban environments and is a very cost-effective alternative to fiber deployment. So why are we not seeing 60 GHz nodes on every street corner? There are important changes coming in the regulations governing the use of the 60 GHz band which make this more likely in the near future.

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Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career

Lattice Taught Me How to Run – From Internship to Career

Posted 08/15/2017 by Alana Walker

Lattice goes the distance to take care of its internal customers, its employees. Specifically, Lattice puts tremendous attention in the professional growth of its recent college graduates and supports their needs as they begin conquering the working world.

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A Better Mobile POS

A Better Mobile POS with Empathy and Lattice

Posted 06/20/2017 by Yoshihiro Nakamura, Director of Device Development at Empathy

Portable, battery powered Point of Sale/Service (POS) devices were originally only used by delivery truck drivers. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle and an ever-increasing focus on customer satisfaction have driven the proliferation of mobile POS devices into the hands of retail workers, restaurant servers, rental car agents, and many others. These new systems allow businesses to checkout customers whenever they are ready, wherever they are. These unique use cases created a new set of...

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Video Quality

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Video Quality

Posted 06/06/2017 by Peiju Chiang

When it comes to viewing a video, how do you decide which quality is best? Thanks to relentless marketing, most people would probably think that 8K is the way to go. After all, when it comes to video quality, the higher the resolution the better quality, right? Actually, that is not always the case. While resolution certainly does matter, video quality is actually the combination of a number of factors. Everything from the refresh rate of the screen to the compression applied, all will affect the final quality of the video.

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A “Snappy” Solution for Video Docking

A “Snappy” Solution for Video Docking

Posted 04/11/2017 by Neil Bullock

Lattice’s SiBEAM Technology Group has developed SiBEAM Snap, a revolutionary wireless connection technology that delivers USB 3.0 (5 Gb/s) data over a short wireless link. It replaces the USB connector and cable. But it can’t deliver video, can it? Oh yes, it can! Let’s explore how video is traditionally delivered today and how audio, video and data can all be delivered over a Snap wireless connection. Video over USB The Universal Serial Bus is truly universal in consumer elec...

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Wireless Technology - in the operating room

NDS’s ZeroWire® Addresses Medical Industry Challenges

Posted 01/31/2017 by Greg W. Hartman - NDS Director of Global Sales, ZeroWire

Technology is rapidly changing the environment and practice in the medical industry, including the surgical theatre commonly known as the Operating Room (OR). ORs are transitioning from a traditional model, where radiology imaging equipment resides in a separate room of the hospital, to a new Hybrid or Integrated OR model, where advanced diagnostic imaging equipment becomes an integral part of the surgical suite.

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CES - 2017 trends

CES 2017 Trends

Posted 01/17/2017 by Elena Champion

Celebrating its 50th birthday, CES 2017 did not disappoint. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Las Vegas to get a first look at the latest technology for the upcoming year. During the 4 days, the biggest names in consumer electronics and startups alike wowed us with products and technologies that promise to make our lives easier and more efficient. Here are some of the trends we saw at the event and how we can support them.

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