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Q2 2019 Industrial and Automotive Newsletter

Latest Automotive and Industrial News from Lattice

Posted 06/28/2019 by Lattice Semiconductor

Read the latest automotive and industrial news from Lattice: New MachXO3D FPGA brings secures entire systems with hardware root-of-trust, Crosslink bridge connects industrial displays to mobile processors, new 3D Depth Mapping demo, new Scaler IP core for ECP5, and a new version of Diamond Software v 3.11 adds support for MachXO3D.

Improved FPGA Designs with Diamond 3.10

Improved FPGA Designs with Diamond 3.10

Posted 10/24/2017 by Choon-Hoe Yeoh

In our continuous quest to provide our users with the best design tools possible, we are very excited to announce the latest release of the Lattice Diamond software. The Diamond 3.10 software continues to focus on low power consumption with various power-aware design methods, supports a broader range of automotive products, and offers increased productivity and better user experience via the improved logic analyzer tool.

Lattice Diamond 3.9

Lattice Diamond 3.9 - Improving IP Security, Power and Hardware Management

Posted 04/25/2017 by Choon-Hoe Yeoh

We kicked off 2017 with the release of Lattice Diamond 3.9, focusing on improving several areas for your FPGA designs, such as the IP RTL encryption productivity and power aware design flow, as well as increased ASC device support coverage.

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